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Customer Segmentation

Unlock actionable insights and maximise your marketing effectiveness with our customer segmentation service, tailored to help you identify distinct customer groups, understand their unique needs and preferences, and target them with personalised strategies.


Visualise your sales and operations data like never before with our customised dashboard creation service. We transform complex data into interactive, intuitive dashboards that empower you to monitor key metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions for improved sales performance and operational efficiency.

Automated Reports

Simplify reporting processes and empower managers with our automated report creation service. By harnessing the power of data automation, we streamline reporting workflows, saving valuable time and effort. Our customised reports deliver timely insights, enabling managers to make informed decisions and drive business success.

Market Research

Gain a competitive edge with our market research service, delivering comprehensive insights into industry trends, consumer behaviour, and market dynamics. Leverage data-driven analysis to make informed business decisions and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Product Analysis

Uncover the true potential of your products with our comprehensive product analysis service. We extract valuable insights to optimise your product offerings, identify market opportunities, and drive business growth.

Google Trends Dashboard

Using Google Trends data, businesses can identify the most popular and trending keywords, as well as the geographic locations where those keywords are in high demand. This information can help businesses optimize their content and advertising campaigns to attract more customers and increase their online visibility.

Solar Cell and Carbon Offset Metics Dashboard

The Solar Cell and Carbon Offset Metrics Dashboard on a website can provide customers with real-time insights into the effects of a solar cell company on climate change and their ability to cover multiple regions. The dashboard could show the location of each solar cell installation and the number of panels installed. This information can help customers to better understand the effectiveness of the company's efforts and the overall impact they have on the environment. Additionally, this information can also be used to demonstrate the company's reach and potential for further growth and expansion. By showcasing this data in an easily digestible format, the dashboard can help to attract more customers and increase brand awareness

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Who is Tevin

Tevin is a data-driven decision making agency that works on making your data structured and managed in a way that improves the business operations , finances , and sales. We make sure your real time KPI dashboards improves the business and adds competitive advantage.

Our Team

Our Team is comprised of Analysts and Engineers. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to deliver solutions that are tailored to each customer's unique requirements and goals. We are committed to delivering measurable results that help our customers achieve their desired outcomes.

Shanga Rawf Sadallah
Co-Founder - Analysts
Lara Rawf Sadallah
Co-Founder - Developer
Yousif AL Barmawy
Management Consultance
Lina Ali Mohammed
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Our Story

My story starts with a passion for data analytics and a curiosity to uncover its potential. After becoming a Google certified data analyst , I realised its powerful implications in business. I was impressed how a business like Starbucks just by using  data analytics to better understand customer preferences and develop targeted marketing campaigns,enabled the company to optimise their pricing strategies, resulting in a 20% increase in profits and increasing customer loyalty. With that in mind, I decided to start Tevin Data – a data analytics business dedicated to providing data-driven solutions for smarter decisions.